APC Webinar: Compounding for Women's Health Conditions


April 20, 2023
Webinar: 2:00 PM EDT


APC Webinar: Compounding for Women's Health Condidtions with Tara Thompson, PharmD, FAPC. Oftentimes, commercially available products, not designed for vaginal use, are prescribed for patients for vaginal use. The vaginal mucosa and surrounding vulvovestibular area is a sensitive and delicate area that requires specialized preparations designed for vaginal use. Inert ingredients, preservatives, bases used, and pH must all be taken into account with medications that are prescribed for vaginal use. There is a need for training on what is appropriate for vaginal use, especially when it comes to nonsterile compounding. This presentation will explore vaginal anatomy, the need for vaginal preparations, and specific parameters to take into consideration when designing vaginal drug preparations. (Registration link coming soon.)

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