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INVEST: Compounding the Joy of Living

  • The Campaign for Pharmacy Compounding
  • Protecting compounded hormone therapy
  • Preserving shortage-drug compounding
  • Expanding as an ‘all things compounding’ consumer site
  • Cultivating patient-reported outcomes collection

Taking back control of our own destiny
For years, we’ve talked about the threats to pharmacy compounding. Those threats are real. Other voices have been telling the story of compounding, to the world, in the halls of the FDA, in the chambers of Congress. Through this campaign, we are taking back control of our destiny. Our pharmacies transform the lives of millions of patients. And that story must be told.

Preserving access to compounded therapies
Compounded hormones are still under threat from FDA action. We are in the fourth year of our three-year campaign, and that fight continues. But we are expanding our mandate to secure the future of all compounding.

By investing in our media campaign, you are not only helping to protect compounding, you are investing in the health and welfare of your patients as well.

Your RECURRING gift of $100, $250, $500 or $750 a month will allow us to fund the campaign. Default investment here is $100, and you may change the dollar amount by clicking in the field to your desired investment amount. We hope you'll invest more.