Media Campaign Fund

INVEST: Compounding the Joy of Living

We are engaged in a fight to protect patient access to compounded hormones. 

The threat is real and APC is your advocate with FDA, in Congress and with every state board of pharmacy.

This is the fight we have to win.

By investing in our media campaign, you ensure we have the resources to educate members of Congress about this threat to millions of patients; you help raise awareness among doctors and other prescribers that they and their patients may soon lose access to vital therapy.

Whether you are a patient, a prescriber or a pharmacist – your investment in this campaign is an investment in protecting essential compounded therapies that benefit millions of people. 

Your RECURRING gift of $100, $250, $500 or $750 a month will allow us to fund the campaign. Default investment here is $100, and you may change the dollar amount by clicking in the field to your desired investment amount. We hope you'll invest more.